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A Great Place To Study

A Great Place To Study

A Great Place To Study

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A Great Place To Live


What students look for in a rental property

If you are looking for a student house, Leeds with its thriving student scene, has a great choice of student accommodation on offer. However, there are several criteria that students look for in rental property when they embark on their quest to find suitable accommodation.

Proximity to place of study

Ideally, the student house should be close to the university or college that you will be attending.Whilst it would be nice to find a place that is just a short stroll away,unless you actually live on the campus, you are likely to find accommodation that is a short bike ride or easy bus ride from the college or university.

Often student communities develop a few miles away from study hubs,but these usually have good public transport links, or even a college bus system. When looking for a student house in Leeds, you should consider the proximity of the property in relation to where you will be studying.

Live alone or with other students?

Going to university is a special time in a person’s life not only for educational reasons, but for many it will be their first time away from home, and being sociable and making friends is an important part of the process. Consequently, many students are happy to share rooms in large houses, although there will be some who want the privacy of their own flat, a choice you will have to make when looking for a student house in Leeds.

A letting agency to take care of the whole process

With little experience of renting, many students seek a clear-cut, stress-free rental, where everything is organised and they know exactly what they have to pay out.Details such as utility bills need to be clearly set out, understood and jointly agreed, before moving in, something which a professional letting agency can take care of.

With these and other issues in mind, it makes sense to discuss requirements with an agency that understands students’ need and has the experience and contacts to find appropriate accommodation.

SJM Propertieshas had thirty years of dealing with the requirements of a constant turnover of students. Dealing with clients on a friendly but professional level is the hallmark of SJM Properties success.

If you are looking for a student house, Leeds and its surrounding environs are all covered by SJM Properties. Get in touch with the student letting in Leeds experts today.